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Queen Victoria hosts the Royal Wedding Breakfast for the future King George V

IIn 1893 Queen Victoria hosts a banquet at Buckingham Palace for the wedding of the Duke of York to Princess Mary of Teck (the future King George V and Queen Mary).  Wedding guests feasted on a seventeen course banquet including ducks deglazed in white wine, lobster salad, and calve's liver terrine.

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German Kaiser celebrates his silver wedding at the Berlin Royal Palace

Roast pheasants served in full plumage accompanied a goose liver parfait at this 1906 banquet for Kaiser Wilhelm II's silver wedding anniversary. For dessert guests at the royal palace were treated to cake soaked in Curacao and topped with sweetened ricotta cheese mixed with chocolate and crytalised fruits.

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Habsburg's Imperial Wedding banquet for the heir to the  Austro-Hungarian throne

Stuffed woodcocks garnished with truffles and cocks' combs; pastries filled with a purée of lark’s breasts; and an elaborate pudding of sliced pig’s kidney with prunes steeped in red wine and then flamed in rum, were all part of the Imperial wedding  banquet for the marriage of Archduke Rudolf in 1881.

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Queen Victoria hosts wedding banquet for her daughter Princess Beatrice

Spit-roasted Ortolans drizzled in a Port and seville sauce were offered to royal wedding guests in 1885 when Queen Victoria's daughter married Prince Henry of Battenberg. The menu offers 20 courses at the Queen's Osborne House residence on the Isle of Wight.

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Edward VII hosts Royal Wedding for the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden

In 1905 King Edward VII hosted the royal wedding banquet at Windsor Castle for the grandparents of both the current Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and current King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. Crab soufflés were followed by a dish of quails named in honor of the Swedish royal family.

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Royal Wedding for Queen Victoria's granddaughter, Princess Alice of Albany

A 14 course banquet, commencing with turtle soup, is prepared at Windsor Castle in 1904 when King Edward VII hosts the royal wedding for the marriage of Queen Victoria's granddaughter to Prince Alexander of Teck (the future Earl and Countess of Athlone).

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Royal Wedding Banquet for the future Shah of Iran to Princess Fawzia of Egypt

King Farouk of Egypt hosts the royal wedding banquet for the marriage of his sister, Princess Fawzia, to the future Shah of Iran. Snipe pâté and pheasants with chestnuts were served alongside Egyptian treats of stuffed vine-leaves and whole suckling lambs.

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King Oscar II of Sweden hosts the 1897 wedding anniversary for Crown Prince

Prized lamb from the salty marshlands of Normandy were dressed with bone marrow poached in wine and topped with a Bordelaise sauce; at the Royal Palace in Stockholm for the wedding anniversary of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Sweden.

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King and Queen of Württemberg celebrate their silver wedding anniversary

Hazel-grouse with raisin sauce; steaks with foie-gras; and cream-cheese and sour cherry strudel will served to guests at this 1911 royal breakfast, hosted by the King and Queen of Württemberg, to celebrate their silver wedding at the Royal Palace in Stuttgart.

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The widowed and lonely Queen Victoria dines on her wedding anniversary

Not the game soup with pheasant dumplings nor the roast snipe with artichokes could console Queen Victoria on this anniversary night in 1897. She jotted in her diary: "This beloved day returned for the 57th time; 36 years of which spent alone without, without him who was my life! "

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Duke of Orleans (pretender as King Phillipe VIII of France) hosts pre-wedding dinner for the future Duke of Guise.

Roast haunches of roebuck followed the Champagne sorbet at this 1899 dinner for members of the exiled Orleans Royal family ahead of the next day's marriage of the sister of the Duke of Orleans.

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