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Zèphires de Crabes á la Suédoise

Soufflé made from puréed crab meat, cheese, mushrooms and herbs

Côtelettes d’Agneau à la Clamart

Lamb cuttelts casseroled with garden-peas, lettuce and onion named after the Haute-de-Seine region famous for its peas.

Chaufroix de Cailles à la Bernadotte

A cold dish of quail breasts coated first in a white sauce and then sealed in a glaze of aspic jelly named in honour of the groom’s House of Bernadotte which is the family name of the Swedish Royal Family

Les Buffets de Viandes Froides

Buffet of Cold Meats that traditionally under Edward VII comprised of York Ham, Roast Ribs of Beef, Cured Ox Tongue and Mutton Pies

Poussins Rôtis sur Canapés

Roast baby chicken (less than 28 days old) served atop a crouton and dressed in a sauce made from the pan-juices mixed with Madeira, truffles and cock’s combs

Salade à la Française

Salad made from strips of cold roast beef tossed through a dressing made from parsley, onions, anchovies and mustard

Asperges d’Argenteuil, Sauce Mousseline

White asparagas spears in a mousseline sauce made from eggs, butter, lemon juice and cream

Flumeries aux Fraises

Chilled mousse made on an oatmeal porridge and flavored with stewed strawberries, orange blossom water and sugar

Macédoine de Fruits au Champagne

Diced fruits in a chilled Champagne syrup

Pâtisseries Parisienne

Collection of small pastries such as quiches, vol-au-vents, tarts, savory crêpes and rissoles

Corbelles aux Bouquets de la Mariée

Baskets made from icing-sugar filled with replica flowers from the bridal bouquet (Bouquets de la Mariée) made from spun-sugar and marzipan

Menu dated 15th June 1905

Luncheon at Windsor Castle hosted by Their Majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra for the marriage of Princess Margaret of Connaught to His Royal Highness Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden (the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden)

On the 15th June 1905 the future King of Sweden married the niece of King Edward VII, Princess Margaret of Connaught, at the royal family’s private St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Princess Margaret, who died in 1920, is the grandmother to the current Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, and the current King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf.

King Edward VII hosted the wedding and the banquet that followed. In honor of the groom, who was heir to the Swedish throne, the menu features two symbolic dishes: Zèphires de Crabes á la Suédoise named after Sweden (Suédoise) and Chaufroix de Cailles à la Bernadotte named after the House of Bernadotte from which the Swedish Royal Family belongs.

On this day of her wedding, Princess Margaret became the Duchess of Scania. While her husband would eventually become the King of Sweden, Margaret would die before getting the chance to become Queen. Her husband would later marry his second wife, Princess Louise of Mountbatten, who would eventually become Queen Louise of Sweden.

The wedding of Princess Margaret of Connaught to  Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden (the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden)

Six years after the wedding: In 1911 Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf (standing) and Crown Princess Margaret (far right) with the Crown Prince's mother Queen Victoria of Sweden, his grandmother Grand Duchess Louise of Baden; and the couple's three children (left to right) Prince Gustaf Adolf, Prince Sigvard and Princess Ingrid.

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