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Potage Princesse

Chicken consommé garnished with chicken quenelles and garnished with sautéed asparagus tips and chervil


Petits bouchées à la Montglas

Puff pastries, to accompany soup, filled with a mixture of pickled tongue, foie-gras, truffles and mushrooms bound in a Madeira sauce named after the Marquis de Montglas.

Saumon sauce Genevoise et Hollandaise

Salmon served with two sauces including a Hollandaise sauce made from eggs, lemon juice and butter; and a Genevoise sauce made from fish fumet, red-wine and butter and mirepoix

Jambon Porte-Maillot sauce Madère

Braised ham cooked in Madeira with onions, turnips, carrots and green beans and served with a Madeira sauce

Suprème de volaille à l’Ecarlate

Sautéed breast and wing of chicken decorated with truffles and slices of pickle tongue and dressed in a Suprème sauce made from butter, chicken stock and cream

Sorbets au champagne

Champagne Sorbet

Cuissots de chevreuil rotis sauce Venaison

Roast roebuck haunch served with a Venaison sauce made from onion, ham, redcurrant jelly, mirepoix, mushrooms and tomato

Haricots verts nouveaux au beurre

New French-beans tossed in butter

Glace Bourdaloue

And ice-cream dome consisting of an inner-filling of ice-cream flavoured with aniseed liqueur and encased in an outer layer of vanilla ice-cream and then decorated with crystallised violets

Petites mousselines Orloff

Menu dated: 29th October 1899

Dinner at York House, Twickenham (the London residence of the exiled Orléans family of the deposed King Louis-Philippe I of France), hosted by Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Orléans, Prince Philippe and Princess Maria Dorothea.


Forbidden from setting foot in France, the exiled Orléans Royal Family were forced to hold gatherings of their French relatives and friends at their London home, York House.

On the 29th October 1899, the day of this menu, members of the exiled Orléans family were gathering in London to attend a royal wedding to be held the next day.

The Duke of Orléans’ sister, Princess Isabelle, was due to marry her cousin Prince Jean (the future Duke and Duchess of Guise).

York House had been the on-again off-again residence of the exiled French royal family since revolution deposed the country’s last ever King, Louis Philippe I, in 1848: the Orléans’ monarch fleeing to England in disguise and using the name “Mr Smith”.

The night before the wedding this ten course dinner was hosted by Prince Philippe, the Duke of Orléans, who was head of the family and pretender to the French throne since the death of his father just five years earlier.

The exiled Duke was forbidden to set foot on French soil: consequently royal relatives of the family had to cross the Channel to England to witness the wedding ceremony.

The bride and bridegroom: the future Duke and Duchess of Guise

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