Royal Menus - Nicholas II - coronation -


Tsars of Russia


Tsar Alexander III

23 May 1883

Midnight supper at the Kremlin for the Diplomatic Corp, Senators and Generals.

Tsar Alexander III

24 May 1883

Dinner at the Kremlin for foreign Princes,  Chiefs of Special Missions and Senators.

Tsar Alexander III

27 May 1883

Banquet at the Kremlin for the Sacred Coronation of Their Imperial Majesties.

Tsar Nicholas II

23 May 1896

Gala dinner at the Kremlin marking the  official proclamation of the Coronation.


Tsar Nicholas II

26 May 1896

Banquet at the Kremlin for the Sacred Coronation of Their Imperial Majesties.

The Tsesarevich's 16th birthday

Twelve years before his Coronation, Nicholas II celebrated his 16th birthday to great imperial fanfare.  The day marked the coming-of-age for the Tsesarevich and made him eligible to inherit the throne. His parents, Tsar Alexander III and Tsarina Maria Fyodorovna, hosted this gala dinner at the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg. Stuffed salmon-trouts baked in red wine were garnished with sautéed roe, truffles and poached crayfish as a precursor to dainty pastries filled with lark’s breasts and platters of roast woodcocks, great snipe and prized ducklings from Rouen.

Princely House of Yusupov

26th January 1893

Grand banquets of Russia's Princely House of Yusupov.

The Tsesarevich

19 May 1884

Gala dinner at the Winter Palace for the Tsesarevich's 16th birthday.

Princely House of Yusupov

Before their name became synonymous with the murder of Rasputin, the Princely House of Yusupov was associated with some of the most decadent banquets of imperial Russia. The beautiful Princess Zinaida serves guests a soup garnished with the poached marrow from the spine of a sturgeon before platters of spit-roasted ortolans arrive smothered in creamed watercress.

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