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Consommé en tasses et canapés

Consommés and canapés

Oeufs mignons

Slow-cooked duck eggs served atop a ragout of peas and truffles in an artichoke base

Selle de pré-salé bordelaise

“Salt meadow lamb” from sheep that have grazed the salty marshlands of Normandy, topped with bone marrow poached in wine and then covered with a bordelaise sauce.

Côtelettes Pajarsky, salade

Veal ‘chops’ in which the meat is first removed and finely chopped before being mixed with parsley, nutmeg and milk-soaked breadcrumbs, and then reshaped around the veal bone and then fried in clarified butter.

Soufflé de pommes

Apple soufflés


Menu dated 19th September 1897

Luncheon at the Royal Palace, Stockholm, hosted by Their Majesties King Oscar II and Queen Sofia of Sweden and Norway as a joint celebration for their 25th Jubilee and the wedding anniversary of their son and daughter-in-law (the future King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria of Sweden).

There was a busy two days for the Swedish Royal Family in September 1897. On the day before this lunch the King and Queen celebrated their Silver Jubilee to mark 25 years on the dual thrones of Sweden and Norway.

But today’s luncheon was not in honour of the King and Queen; instead Their Majesties themselves were hosting a banquet in honour of others.

On the next day their son, the Crown Prince and future King Gustaf V, would celebrate his wedding anniversary to Princess Victoria of Baden (the future Queen Victoria of Sweden). The pair married on the 20th September 1881.

As a consequence this menu was especially designed with two angels, beneath the King’s crown, draping the royal banners of the House of Bernadotte and the House of Baden representing the respective families of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Gustaf of Sweden and Her Grand Ducal Highness Princess Viktoria of Baden at the time of their engagement in 1881.

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