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​Potage Jullienne

Vegetable soup made from sautéed strips of carrot, turnip, leek, cabbage, lettuce and celery boiled in consommé and garnished with diced royale (egg custard)

Petits pâtés
Selection of small pastries filled with meats, fish and vegetables to accompany soup

Filet de bœuf Napolitaine
Sirloin of beef served in a Napolitaine sauce made from horseradish, redcurrant jelly, white raisins, candied citrus peel, dry Madeira and Málaga (fortified Spanish wine from Andalusia)

Rôti Dindonneau et Cailles
Roast young turkeys and roast quails


Artichauts au naturel Sce. Hollandaise

Steamed artichoke hearts served with a Hollandaise sauce made from butter, eggs and lemon juice


Compote Ananas

Pineapple slices poached in vanilla bean syrup

Menu dated 28th February 1910

(15th February in the Julian Calendar)

Dinner at Alexander Palace, Tsarskoe-Selo, hosted by Their Imperial Majesties Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia in honour of a visit by His Majesty Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria.

The King and Queen of Bulgaria arrived in St. Petersburg two days before this dinner, on 26th February 1910, as guests of the Russian Imperial family. The visiting royals stayed with their Russian hosts for almost a week at Tsarskoe-Selo until 3rd March.

For some time Tsar Nicholas II had invested considerable diplomatic energy in keeping Bulgaria as an ally of Russia and urging its King to resist the friendly overtures coming from Austria-Hungary.

When the Tsar hosted this dinner in honour of his Bulgarian ally, the Austrian government was far from amused by the gushing toasts the two leaders gave to each other.

Indeed The Times corresponded in Vienna reported of this dinner that “the toasts exchanged between the Tsar and King Ferdinand at Tsarskoe-Selo, and particularly the interpretation placed upon them by the Russian Press, are received here with scarcely disguised ill-humour.

Dinner Guest: Tsar (King) Ferdinand I of Bulgaria

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