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Royal Menus - Queen Victoria - funeral -



Consommé à la Doria

Game consommé topped with white truffles (from Piedmont); and garnished with game quenelles

Côtelettes d’Agneau à la Rossini

Lamb cutlets topped with sautéed medallions of foie-gras and truffles

Cailles Rôties

Roast quails stuffed with foie-gras

Pommes-de-terre à l’Indienne

Roast potatoes dressed in a lightly spiced sauce

Céleri à la Moëlle

Celery baked with beef marrow and topped with a cheese and breadcrumb crust

Quenelles d’Epinards à l’Anita

Crumbed and fried spinach quenelles

Aloyau de Bœuf

Beef Sirloin

Mayonnaise de Homard

Lobster medallions re-arranged back in the shell and dressed with a mayonnaise sauce

Poulards, Jambon, Langue

Cold roast poulards (spayed hens), Ham, Pressed Ox Tongue

Terrine de Faisan

Pheasant Terrine

Gâteau de Riz à l’Ananas

Moulds of creamed rice with a filling of pineapple pieces poached in syrup

Savarin au Kirsch et Vanille

Savarin cake steeped in kirsch syrup and topped with vanilla cream

Gelée à la Polonaise

Puff pastries filled redcurrant jelly.

2nd February 1901

Royal Luncheon at Windsor Castle hosted by His Majesty King Edward VII for guests attending the funeral of Her Late Majesty, Queen Victoria.

This Windsor Castle menu reveals what can truly lay claim to being the last ever meal of the Victorian era.

At the end of Queen Victoria’s funeral service on the 2nd February 1901, the new King Edward VII hosted this royal luncheon at Windsor Castle. Fittingly, the royal menu-cards used on this day, were those designed for Queen Victoria’s own meals when she was residing at Windsor Castle.


It had been a sombre day for the new King who had spent the morning on horseback riding behind the coffin of his mother, the late Queen Victoria, as the funeral procession wound its way through the streets of London.


Following the procession, the coffin was then placed upon the funeral train as Her Late Majesty commenced her final journey to St. George’s Royal Chapel at Windsor Castle.


Following the service, King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra hosted this buffet luncheon in the Waterloo Chamber of Windsor Castle. Amongst the guests dining was the German Emperor (a grandson of Queen Victoria); the Kings of the Hellenes and Portugal; Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary; Grand Duke Michael of Russia; and the Crown Princes of Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Norway and Siam.

Game consommé favoured with Piedmont white truffles was served ahead of the buffet. "Game soup", recalled one of Queen Victoria's royal cooks, Gabriel Tschumi, was "flavoured with sherry". 


The remainder of the menu offered guests an array of dishes including boned and stuffed roast quails, lamb cutlets topped with medallions of foie-gras and truffles, pheasant terrine and desserts including redcurrant pastries and savarins swimming in a kirsch syrup.


Royal Menus - Queen Victoria - funeral p

Queen Victoria's funeral procession on 2nd February 1901

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Royal Menus - Queen Victoria - funeral -
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