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Menu dated 28th April 1911

Luncheon at Buckingham Palace hosted by Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary of Great Britain in honor of His Majesty King Albert I of the Belgians

In 1911 King Albert I and Queen Elizabeth of the Belgians over-nighted in London on their way home from a visit to Egypt. They arrived in London on the 27th April and were invited to lunch at Buckingham Palace the next day with King George V and Queen Mary.

Ill health prevented the Queen of the Belgians from attending who remained at her hotel. However her husband was able to attend and partake in this  eight course luncheon that concluded with a dish of plover’s eggs set in aspic jelly.



Consommé aux ailerons de Volaille
Chicken consommé garnished with boned chicken winglets

Filets de Sole à la Paysanne
Filets of sole poached in a vegetable compote made from carrot, onion, celery, leek and French beans

Mignons de Boeuf à la Rossini
Beef filet-mignon fried in butter served atop a crouton with sautéed foie-gras and sliced truffles and coated in a Madeira sauce

Jambon de Prague aux Epinards
Smoked ham soaked in a sweet brine and baked in a pastry case served with spinach

Poulets rôtis
Roast chicken

Asperges; Sauce Mousseline
Asparagus in a Mousseline sauce made from eggs, butter, lemon juice and cream

Pain de Figues à la Chantilly
Fig bread with Chantilly cream

Oeufs de Pluvier
Plovers eggs set in moulds of aspic jelly with sliced truffles and decorated with tarragon and chervil leaves.


The Times, 29th April 1911

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