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Potage lié au Xavièr
Broad bean soup​

Sterlet bouilli, sauce aux câpres
Steamed and stuffed whole sterlets (young sturgeons)
with a caper sauce​

Jambon braisé aux epinards
Braised ham with spinach​

Cocombres à la crème
Creamed cucumber​

Oison rôti
Roast goslings​


Ponding au chocolat
Chocolate parfait​


Menu dated 13th July 1911

Dinner at the Peleş Castle, in the Carpathian Mountains, hosted by Their Majesties King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth of Romania.


Roasted goslings, stuffed sturgeons with a caper sauce and braised ham with creamed cucumber were the features of this eight course dinner in 1911 hosted by King Carol I of Romania at his private castle in the Carpathian Mountains.

The King, along with his wife Queen Elizabeth, were entertaining his nephew Prince Karl Anton of Hohenzollern. The King himself was from the German Hohenzollern family and it is likely that his other nephew, Prince Ferdinand, was also in attendance at this dinner.

Prince Ferdinand was the brother of Prince Karl Anton and would take the throne as King Ferdinand I of Romania when the childless King Carol passed away three years after this dinner.

The Peleş Castle, depicted on the royal menu, was built by King Carol I with construction commencing in 1875.

The Castle sat on 1300 square kilometers of land and served as a royal hunting reserve and summer retreat.

The design of the menu- card was retained for use at the Peleş Castle until the King’s death in 1914. In more recent years, a reproduction of the card was used by the exiled King Michael and Queen Ann of Romania for the Gala Dinner to celebrate their Diamond Wedding anniversary in 2008.

Dining room inside the Peleș Castle

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