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Consommé froid
Beef and dry-sherry consommé chilled until it is jellied and then chopped into small pieces and topped with cream
Rissoles de volaille

Rissoles of minced chicken, ham and tongue which have been rolled in broken vermicelli and fried
Filet de boeuf Pompadour       

Fillets of beef dressed with sliced tomato and maïtre d’hôtel butter served with a garnish of pasta and cheese
Perdreaux rôtis

Roast Partridges
Compote Salade

Fruit compotes and salads
Petits pois à l’anglaise

Young peas tossed in butter and parsley
Mousse au melon

A melon shaped bombe made from a mousse prepared from melon and white port which encases an orange citrus mousse to resemble the look of melon when opened.
Fondus au Parmesan

Savoury petit-fours made from pastries topped with grilled parmesan cheese

Menu dated 5th September 1897


Luncheon at the Friedrichshof Castle (Schloss Friedrichshof) hosted by Her Imperial Majesty The Dowager Empress Frederick of Germany, in honour of a visit by Their Majesties King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Italy.

A distinguished group of three Kings along with an Emperor, two Empresses and a Queen attended this luncheon in 1897 hosted by the Dowager Empress of Germany at her specially built home, the Friedrichshof Castle.


This had been a well earned lunch for the Dowager Empress (who was the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and mother to the reigning German Emperor at the time) who had spent the entire morning partaking in processions and viewing military manoeuvres and parades at the nearby township of Homburg.


The day’s festivities were to celebrate a visit by the King and Queen of Italy.


Just prior to this lunch the German Emperor and King of Italy led a horseback procession through the streets which also included the King of Saxony; the King of Württemberg; the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Hesse; the Duke of Cambridge; and following in a carriage, the Queen of Italy sitting alongside the host of this luncheon, the Dowager Empress.


Following the parade the imperial and royal entourage made its way to the Dowager Empress’s home which had been specially built for her just three years earlier. The castle was named after her late husband, Kaiser Friedrich III.


The menu is embossed with the personal monogram of the luncheon host who went by the title of ‘Dowager Empress Frederick’, in honour of her late husband, despite her name being Victoria. The monogram crosses a mirror image of the letter ‘F’ for Frederick to form the letter ‘V’ in the middle for Victoria.

Royal Menus - empress friedrich - 1897 c

The Dowager Empress Frederick of Germany

royal menus - kaiserin crown.png
royal menus - Friedrichshof - RCT.jpeg

The Schloss Friedrichshof

circa 1890s

(Photo: Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2021)

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