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Royal Menus- Prince George Duke of Cambr



Tortue liée à l’Anglaise

Thick turtle soup


Consommé de Volaille Royale

Chicken consommé garnished with diced royale


Filets de Saumon à la Indienne

Salmon filets poached in butter and curry spices served atop a bed of rice


Turbot, sauce Homard et Hollandaise

Turbot dressed in a Hollandaise sauce flavoured with lobster meat


Petites Briantines d’Huitree à la Princesse

Small pastries topped with oysters poached in white wine and topped with truffle slivers and asparagus tips


Crême de Faisans a la Richelieu

Breasts of pheasant stuffed with truffles and dressed is a cream sauce based on chicken stock and flavoured with truffle, mushrooms and nutmeg


Côtelettes de Mouton à la Provençale

Sautéed mutton cutlets dressed in a tomato sauce and garnished with stuffed mushrooms


Poulardes et Langues à la Bohémienne

Sautéed chicken and cured ox tongue casseroled in tomato, fennel and capsicum and served atop saffron rice


Aloyau de Bœuf braisé, garni à la Française

Braised sirloin of beef garnished with asparagus tips, braised lettuce and cauliflower and small potatoes stuffed with minced vegetable and dressed in a Hollandaise sauce


Hanche de Venaison

Roast haunch of venison


Caneton nouveaux au Creson

Young ducklings served with puréed watercress topped thickened with boiled egg


Mauviettes bardées, sur Croûte

Spit roasted boned larks wrapped in bacon and served atop a croutons


Petits Pois à l’Anglaise

Peas tossed in parsley butter


Gelées de Liquer garnies d’Ananas

Liquor jellies garnished with glazed pineapple


Gâteaux Princesse garnis de Glace

Small cakes filled with vanilla cream and dried fruits, glazed in pink and white icing.


Petits Baignets à l’Allemande

Small fritters filled with cherries soaked in a kirsch flavoured syrup.


Hûre de Sanglier à la Gelée

Jellied whole stuffed wild boar’s head

Menu dated 23rd February 1870


Dinner at Gloucester House, Piccadilly, hosted by His Royal Highness Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge.

Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge, was the cousin of Queen Victoria; grandson of King George III; and served as Commander-in-Chief of the British Army from 1856.


The Duke’s private residence was Gloucester House in Picadilly which was the venue for this 16 course dinner in 1870. Guests were served under the watchful gaze of a whole stuffed wild-boar’s head set in jelly and decoratively displayed on the dining-room sideboard appearing at the end of the menu-card as Hûre de Sanglier à la Gelée.


The dinner commenced with a heavy seafood theme as tureens of thick turtle soup were served ahead of lightly spiced poached salmons; turbot dressed in lobster sauce; and pastries filled with oysters poached in white wine and truffle.


The Duke’s fondness for game meats is also well represented with plates of spit-roasted larks, creamed pheasant breasts and whole young ducklings in watercress cream, appearing alongside haunches of roast venison.


Just two years after this dinner the Duke noted in his diary, his passion for game hunting and meats after a visit to the Sandringham estate of Queen Victoria’s eldest son, the Prince of Wales. The Duke of Cambridge noted:


“In spite of much rain had one of the finest days' sport I ever saw, killing 1,766 head of game, of which 1,083 were pheasants and 68 partridges; besides hares and rabbits.”


Cakes, liqueur jellies and German cherry fritters drizzled in kirsch syrup concluded this dinner that was undoubtedly one of the grandest of its time. It’s little wonder then, that on 9th December 1889, the Duke of Cambridge again took to his diary to note:


“My poor old Cook, Le Cours, died on Saturday from bronchitis. As good a Cook as any in England!”.


Upon the Duke's death in 1904, the title 'Duke of Cambridge' became extinct for over 100 years until the 2011 royal wedding of Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton, when the couple were styled the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince George The Duke of Cambridge

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