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Menu dated 30th March 1905

Dinner at the Quirinale Palace, Rome, hosted by Their Majesties King Victor-Emanuel III and Queen Elena of Italy in honor of a visit by Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret of Connaught and His Royal Highness Prince Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden (the future King Gustaf VI Adolph)

On the 29 March 1905 the future King of Sweden and his fiancée Princess Margaret of Connaught arrived in Italy aboard the cruiser, Essex.

They were  travelling with the Princesses’ parents, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, and had only just become engaged after meeting each other while both were holidaying in Egypt – apparently, ‘falling in love at first sight’.

On this leg of the holiday, the royals were all returning to Europe from Egypt, and arrived in Naples before immediately travelling to Rome where the Connaughts took up residence at the British Embassy; and the Swedish Prince took a suite of rooms at the Grand Hotel.

On the following day the royals were invited to dinner at the Quirinale Palace by the King and Queen of Italy – for which this is the menu-card.

Prince Gustavus Adolphus and Princess Margaret would marry just two and half months after this dinner.

Prince Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden and Princess Margaret 


Potage à la Windsor
Veal and barley soup with quenelles

Truite Saumonée – Sauce tartare
Filets of salmon trout served with a tartare sauce

Filet de boeuf a la Parisienne – Sce Grand-Vin
Sirloin of beef garnished with potatoes and served with braised lettuce and artichoke hearts topped with pickled tongue, mushrooms and sliced truffles and served with a Grand-Vin sauce made from red wine

Cailles glacées a la Derby
A cold dish of boned quails that have been glazed in port, stuffed with truffled rice and foie-gras (force-fed goose' livers), garnished with truffles poached in port and slices of sautéed foie-gras

Punch a la Romaine
Sorbet made from champagne, lemon and meringue over which a glass of rum is poured prior to serving

Asperges en branches – Sce Hollandaise
Asparagus spears served with Hollandaise Sauce

Rôt Poulardes de Bresse – Salade Alsacienne
Roast Bresse Chickens (renowned for their string game-flavor) served with a sauerkraut and potato salad

Pudding a l’Orientale
Savory rice pudding flavoured with saffron, okra, tomatoes and capsicums

Glace: Plombierre a la Savoyarde
Ice-cream made from custard, cream, almond-milk, crsytalized fruits and kirsch

Gâteau Belle Angevine
Pear Cake

Chateau Yquem
Chateau Latour
Marcobrunner Cabinet
Brut Imperial 1893
Moscato Siracusa

The Times, 2nd April 1905

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Royal Menus - King of Italy - victor emm
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