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Consommé à la saxonne

Consommé made from veal, onion, ham and parsnip flavored with parsley, tarragon, mint and lemon juice.

Savory filled deep fried choux-pastries to accompany soup

Saumon du Rhin
Rhine River Salmon

Filet de boeuf à l’anglaise
Filet of beef in an Anglaise sauce made from stock, hardboiled egg-yolks, nutmeg, lemon and anchovy butter

Perdreaux à la financière
Braised young partridges (less than one year old) coated with a Financière sauce made from the pan-juices mixed with Madeira and truffles and garnished with chicken quenelles, cockscombs and shredded truffles in butter.

Poulardes, salade, compote
Roast spatchcock, salad and fruit compotes

Brioche à la parisienne
Meringue covered lemon flavored brioche filled with frangipane and crystallized fruits


Ice-creams and sorbet


Menu dated: 7th September 1889

Dinner at the Royal Palace (Residenzschloss), Dresden, hosted by Their Majesties King Albert and Queen Carola of Saxony in honour of a visit by Their Imperial and Royal Majesties Emperor Wilhelm II and Empress Auguste-Viktoria of Germany and Prussia.​

This celebratory dinner was hosted by the King and Queen of Saxony at the Royal Palace in Dresden in honor of a two day visit  by the  Emperor and Empress of Germany who were there to watch the military maneuvers of the Royal Saxon (12th) Corps.

The Emperor and Empress departed Berlin on the morning of the 5th September and arrived in the Saxon capital, Dresden, later that evening to stay with the King and Queen at their royal palace.

Two nights later, King Albert of Saxony hosted this grand banquet in honor of the German Emperor with the menu appropriately decorated with images of Saxon military scenes.

The menu is topped with the royal cipher of the King: the letters ‘AR’ beneath the royal crown standing for Albert Rex (Latin for King Albert) with the flags of Saxony and Prussia draped on either side and the knight’s shield is emblazoned with the arms of Saxony. In small print at the base of the menu are the name and words J. Ferstl, K. S. Hoflieferant, Dresden. A Hoflieferant was a purveyor to the royal court.


Newspaper Clipping from the royal banquet: The Times, September 1889

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