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Purée de volaille à la Reine

Thick puréed chicken soup garnished with shredded chicken cooked in court-bouillon (aromatic stock) and diced Royale (a savoury custard made from egg, chervil and chicken consommé)


Consommé à la Royale

Clear chicken consommé garnished with diced Royale


Petites timbales Agnés Sorel

Small tartlets made from a layers of truffles, pickled ox tongue and puréed chicken meat coated in a Madeira sauce originally created by the mistress of King Charles VII of France, Agnés Sorel, a renowned chef in the 1400s


Filet de bœuf à la Godard

Beef filets garnished with quenelles, braised lamb sweetbreads, cockscombs, truffles and mushrooms all bound in a ham and champagne sauce named after 18th century French General Godard d’Aucour


Jambon de Yorck aux laities

Slices of York ham with lettuce


Côtelettes de mouton purée d'artichauts

Mutton cutlets with puréed artichokes


Filets de poulets à l'Anglaise

Chicken filets poached in a white stock served with an Anglaise sauce made from a creamed chicken stock ,nutmeg, lemon and anchovy butter


Perdreaux rouges gras en aspic

Cold dish of young red partridges stuffed with game meats, truffles and foie-gras and set in a Madeira flavored aspic jelly


Pain de Foie-Gras en aspic

Loaf of force-fed goose livers in an aspic jelly mould


Sorbets à l'orange au Champagne

Orange and Champagne sorbet


Cardons à la moëlle

Cardoons with poached veal-bone marrow topped with a baked Gruyere cheese crust


Asperges, sauce hollandaise

Asparagus spears served with a Hollandaise sauce made from egg, butter and lemon juice


Bècasses et Bécassines

Roast woodcocks and roast snipes



Roast chickens


Pudding à la Giraud


Timbale d'ananas à la Venitienne

Pineapple slices poached in a vanilla bean syrup and layered with Venetian cream


Spounne aux framboises

Sponge cake with raspberries


Café moka

Mocha coffee ice-cream



Peaches poached in vanilla-bean syrup


Dessert, Fruits & Compotes

Menu dated 10th March 1870

Dinner at the Château Royal de Laeken, Brussels, hosted by Their Majesties King Léopold II and Queen Marie-Henriette of the Belgians

When a young 34 year-old Léopold II sat down to this royal dinner in 1870, he was only into the fifth year of his four and half decade reign as King of the Belgians.


This amazing 20 course banquet, shared with his wife Queen Marie-Henriette, gives a telling insight into how King Léopold II became distinguished by his portliness as he progressed through his reign.


Delicacies including partridges stuffed with foie-gras and set in sherry jelly accompanied a spread of roast woodcocks and roast snipe with a refresing stomach-soothing Champagne sorbet making a timely appearance halfway through the dinner.


King Léopold’s love of fine food caused gastronomic ripples in the early 1900s when his unlimited budget allowed him to secure the chef from the famous Jockey Club in Paris after the King appreciatively devoured the chef's offering of duckling with turnips.


Each morning while the King read his papers a Court officer would arrive to take his orders for the day and present the King with a draft dinner menu of up to 30 courses. Léopold, who enjoyed an impressive apetitie, would then cross-out those that did not tempt his royal palate that day.

Queen Marie-Henriette of the Belgians

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Royal Menus - leopold II - belgians - 18
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