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Consommé Bohémienne
Chicken consommé flavored with tomatoes and garden-peas then garnished with shredded pancake and a julienne of chicken breast

Côtelettes de homard Arkhangel
Lobster medallions

Escalopes de foie-gras Cussy
Braised medallions of foie-gras cooked with truffles and mushrooms and then bound with a reduced Madeira sauce; created by and named after the Marquis de Cussy who was the Chief Steward of Emperor Napoleon’s household

Faisans Chasse-Royale
Roast pheasants shot on this very day at the royal hunt (Chasse-Royale) by King Alexander I and Tsar Boris III themselves on the King’s private hunting estate

Salade Caprice
Salad comprising of fresh Mozzarella cheese (Boccocini) made from water-buffalo milk, tomatoes, basil and olive-oil

Petits pois de Nice au beurre
Baby peas from Nice tossed in butter

Bombe Havai
Langues de chat
Pineapple ice-cream served with ‘cat’s tongues’ (Langues de chat): a brittle biscuit made from sugar, eggs and vanilla

Camembert Cake
Camembert sliced in half and filled with fruits and nuts before being reassembled


Menu dated: 11th December 1933

Dinner at the Royal Palace (Kraljevski Dvor) Belgrade, hosted by Their Majesties King Alexander I and Queen Maria of Yugoslavia in honour of a visit by Their Majesties King (Tsar) Boris III and Queen (Tsarina) Giovanna of Bulgaria.

French wasn’t only used as the language on the royal menu, but it was also the language of the royal court of the King of Yugoslavia.

Consequently on this freezing snowy night in Belgrade, the visiting King (Tsar) of Bulgaria was required to toast his host, the King of Yugoslavia, in French and not in Serbian.

In 1933 Yugoslavia (previously Serbia) and Bulgaria were keen to put their historic differences aside and build a united Balkans which would also include Romania.

As a result, King Alexander I of Yugoslavia invited King Boris III of Bulgaria to be his guest for four days.

This dinner menu is from the first of the four night stay.

In addition to the two Kings, also attending this dinner was: Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, Queen (Tsarina) Giovanna of Bulgaria, Prince Paul of Yugoslavia (the future Prince Regent) and his wife Princess Olga, and the King of Bulgaria’s youngest brother, Prince Kyril.

On the following day, King Alexander I and Queen Marie took their Bulgarian visitors for a special lunch at the Serbian Royal Family's personal mausoleum, Oplenac.

serbian crown serbia.png
Royal Menus - king alexander yugoslavia
Music Programme and Seating Plan for the dinner hosted by King Alexander I of Yugoslavia.
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