Royal Menus

Seated at the Head Table

which appears at the base of the card.

(Left to Right)

Erzherzogin Alice, Grosshzgin. v. Toscana

Archduchess Alice, Grand Duchess of Tuscany: Mother of the engaged Archduchess Louise

Erzherzog Carl Ludwig


Archduke Carl Ludwig: Brother of the Emperor; heir to the Habsburg throne;  and father of the future heir Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Prinzessin Mathilde v. Sachsen


Princess Mathilda of Saxony: Daughter of Prince George (future King) of Saxony

Se. K. u. K. Apostol. Majestät.


His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty: Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary

I. M. die Königin v. Sachsen


Her Majesty the Queen of Saxony: Queen Carola of Saxony

1891 Seating Plan

Hofburg Palace

Dinner hosted by His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty Kaiser Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary for a visit by the Royal Family of Saxony
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Prinz Friedrich August v. Sachsen


Prince Friedrich August of Saxony: Future King Friedrich August III of Saxony betrothed to Archduchess Louise

Erzherzogin Louise


Archduchess Louise: Betrothed to Prince Friedrich August of Saxony

S. M. der König v. Sachsen


His Majesty the King of Saxony: King Albert of Saxony and uncle of the betrothed Prince Friedrich August of Saxony

Erzherzogin Marie Therese


Archduchess Marie Therese: Emperor’s sister-in-law; wife of Archduke Carl Ludwig and daughter of King Miguel I of Portugal

Prinz Georg von Sachsen


Prince George of Saxony: Future King George of Saxony; brother of King Albert and father of the betrothed Prince Friedrich August

Erzherzogin Maria Josefa


Archduchess Maria Josefa: Daughter of Prince George (future King) of Saxony and mother of the last Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Kaiser Karl

Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand v. Oest-Este


Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este: Nephew of the Emperor & future heir to the Habsburg throne.

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