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Catalogue & Price List - 1880s


- Purveyor (Hoflieferant) to the Imperial Household -

​Charles Hanus was the purveyor of fine foods to eight Imperial and Royal household kitchens including the Emperor and Empress of Germany, King of Saxony, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Germany; Grand Duke of Mecklenburg Schwerin; Prince Friedrich of the Netherlands; Prince and Princess of Reuss; and the Prince of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen.
Born in France, Charles Hanus moved to Berlin in 1853 and worked as a chef in the Russian Embassy and later to the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Germany. He established his business as a purveyor of fine foods in 1863 in Berlin’s Kronenstraße and was awarded royal warrants as a purveyor (Hoflieferant) to eight royal households. Hanus was also an Honorary Master of the Berlin Cooking Guild (Ehrenmeister der Berliner Kochinnung).

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