Royal Menus

Imperial Rescript - 1911

Imperial Rescript Issued by

Tsar Nicholas II

to the Governor General of Kiev, General Trepoff, 20th September 1911


20th September 1911


The hearty welcome accorded us by all classes of the community during our stay in the ancient capital city of Kiev and in other places visited by us in the South-east of Russia has deeply touched myself and the Empress.


Our bright and joyous feelings were darkened by the ruthless outrage perpetrated in my presence on my true servant and courageous champion, the Prime Minister. Yet the expressions of sincere indignation at the crime that have reached us from all sides convince us that all the right-thinking population of Kiev and of the other places visited by us who were inspired by the sole wish to do honour to their Monarch share with us the feeling of sorrowful resentment. And their sympathy will remain forever indelibly engraved on our memory.


The affection expressed for the Fatherland and the Throne by the Kiev population, the representatives of the nobility, the Zemstvos [local governments] and the peasants, and by the deputation presented to me from six Western governments in which Zemstvos are now being introduced, convinces me that all classes of the people, in accordance with my directions, will devote their strength and knowledge to the use of their districts and of our dear Fatherland, Russia.


I command you to convey to the whole population of the South- Western Provinces and of Kiev my sincere thanks, and the thanks of the Empress, for the warm reception accorded us. - The Emperor