Prince of Wales

(future King George V)

Menu dated: 20th November 1909

Luncheon at Frogmore House, Windsor, hosted by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales (future King George V and Queen Mary) in honour of a visit by His Most Faithful Majesty King Manuel II of Portugal

Woodcock consommé, lobster soufflés and casseroled partridges were offered to the King of Portugal at this 1909 luncheon hosted by the future King George V of Great Britain at his family home, Frogmore House.


Earlier in the week the twenty year-old King Manuel II of Portugal commenced his state tour of the United Kingdom as the guest of King Edward VII and his wife Queen Alexandra.


On this day the Portuguese King was taken to Frogmore Estate, near Windsor Castle, to inspect the Royal Mausoleum where the late Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert, are interred. Afterwards, the royal party took this luncheon at Frogmore House, which was then one of the family homes of the Prince and Princess of Wales (the future King George V and Queen Mary).


The menu card for this luncheon is embossed with the Prince of Wales personal cipher and offers guests six courses commencing with a delicate woodcock consommé and lobster soufflés; and concluding with two ornate desserts.


The gardens at Frogmore were famous for supplying the fruits used at royal dinners and  banquets to guests of great importance. It is therefore likely that the abundance of berries used in the desserts at this luncheon were 'home grown'.


During this tour the King of Portugal was invested with the insignia of the Most Noble Order of the Garter by Edward VII.


Just six months after hosting this luncheon, the Prince and Princess of Wales became King George V and Queen Mary. Their guest on this day, however, would not reign another year before being overthrown in the Portuguese revolution of October 1910.

From the private Royal Menu Collection of © Jake Smith

Lunch Guest: the soon to be deposed King Manuel II of Portugal

​​Consommé à la Castellane

Woodcock consommé garnished with diced royale and

juliennes of roasted woodcock breast


Petits Homards Soufflés

Small lobster soufflés


Cotelettes d’Agneau à la Vicomtesse

Lamb cutlets dressed with a thick Vicomtesse sauce made

from ham, mushrooms and eggs


Perdreaux en casserole à la Forestière

Caesserole of partridges that have been stuffed with morels


Gateaux Mazarins à la Brésilienne

Baba cake steeped in kirsch and maraschino, served with

bananas and dressed in a Sabyaon sauce made from

white-wine, egg yolks and sugar


Mousselines Diplomate a la Montmorency

Small cakes flavoured with orange-blossom water; filled with a purée of raspberries and strawberries flavoured with

Curacao; surrounded with a ring of fresh berries; and

served with a caramel and almond cream, pistachios

and a splash of kirsch prior to serving