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Kraftbrühe nach Chesterfield

Beef consommé flavored with mushrooms and ox-tongue


Bachforellen mit geschlagener Butter

Brown trout with whipped butter


Ochsenlende auf Italienische Art

Ox fillets in an in an Italian Sauce made from ham, mushroom and herbs and garnished with artichoke hearts


Charlotte von Haselhühnern nach Pompadour

Hazel Grouse in a reduced Béarnaise Sauce with tomato and then served in a Perigues Sauce based on Madeira and truffles


Hummer nach Glouçester

Shelled lobsters set in aspic jelly garnished with eggs and mayonnaise


Fasanenbraten, Salat, Dunstobst

Roast pheasant, salad and puréed fruits


Frischer Stangenspargel

Fresh asparagus


Biskuitkruste auf Französische Art

A light biscuit made from almonds, kirsch and eggs



Orange sorbet







Menu dated 20th April 1902

Dinner at the Arolsen Palace for Their Serene Highnesses Prince Friedrich and Princess Bathildis of Waldeck-Pyrmont.

This stunning 1902 royal menu card is from the table of Prince Friedrich of Waldeck-Pyrmont who was the brother of Queen Emma of the Netherlands.

Boasting an array of game meats and seafood, the menu is illustrated at the base with the venue for this dinner, and one of the ancestral homes of the current King of the Netherlands, the Arolsen Palace.

At the mast of the menu is Waldeck Castle (the original home of the Waldeck royal family) and along the left of the menu are the twin arms of the Princely dinner hosts.

Oysters, trout and lobsters set in aspic jelly are accompanied by game dishes of hazel-grouse and  roast pheasants.

Waldeck-Pyrmont was a sovereign principality within Germany until 1918 when the royal family abdicated following defeat in World War I. The Arolsen Palace was completed in the 1720s and is the birthplace of the Late Queen Emma of the Netherlands.


On the left side of the menu are the twin arms of the Princely House of Waldeck-Pyrmont and the Princely  House of Schaumberg-Lippe from the respective families of Prince Friedrich and Princess Bathildis 

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