Albert I

Prince of Monaco

Menu dated 30th June 1909

Dinner hosted by His Serene Highness Prince Albert I of Monaco aboard the Royal Yacht "Princess Alice" while attending  the Kiel Regatta in Germany.


By royal standards, this seven course dinner may have been relatively humble, but it was in honor of an imperial visitor.

In June 1909 Prince Albert I of Monaco sailed his royal yacht, 'Princess Alice', northwards to partake in the annual regatta in Kiel - home to the imperial German Navy.

At this dinner on 30th June, Prince Albert welcomed aboard his guest the Emperor of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II. The two leaders regularly caught up during the Kiel week as Prince Albert had taken on a diplomatic role in trying to balance the seemingly never-ending territorial and political disputes between republican France and imperial Germany.

Prince Albert was a passionate oceanographer and, as a result, the Princess Alice Yacht was equipped with the latest oceanography and scientific equipment which always fascinated the German Emperor on his visits. Indeed, as a result of this 1909 visit aboard the yacht, the Monegasque Prince lent some of his scientific crew to the Kaiser to help install and operate oceanography equipment on the personal yacht of the German Emperor, the SMY Hohenzollern.

The "Princess Alice" was named after Prince Albert's second wife who he married in 1889 - although, at the time of this dinner, the royal couple had been separated for seven years.



From the private Royal Menu Collection of © Jake Smith

Potage Crême d’Artichauts Brunoise

Cream of artichoke soup

Croustade de Soles Valentiniers
Small puff-pastry shells filled with a mixture of sole poached in white wine and blended with a mornay sauce and topped with a cheese gratiné

Canés et veau Hongroise
Veal dressed with a Madeira and red-pepper sauce (capsicum)

Poulardes Roties
Roast spatchcock (young chickens)

Laitues braises demi-glace
Braised lettuce tossed in a meat gravy

Bombs Balmorel
Bilberry ice-cream





On this 1909 visit aboard the "Princess Alice"  yacht,  Kaiser Wilhelm II (far right) poses on deck for a photograph. Prince Albert I of Monaco is standing beside the photographer, front on, in white cap.

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