Royal Menus

Archduke Franz Ferdinand's 1905 dinner menu gives glimpse of social life


On the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, this 1905 dinner menu provides an insight into the social life of the man who was heir to mighty Austro-Hungarian throne. Amidst dishes of lobster-tail and partridge, the Archduke’s dinner concludes with a rich dessert of chestnut ice-cream flavoured with macerated fruits.

Léopold II of the Belgians Dines on Woodock, Snipe & Partridge in Sherry Jelly


In 1870 the King of Belgians dazzled guests with this impressive 20 course dinner at the Laeken Palace in Brussels. Roast woodcocks and snipe accompanied jellied partridges for this banquet served by the King of Fine Dining and his wife Queen Marie-Henriette.

Roast ortolans & pheasants in aspic served by Queen Victoria at royal wedding


In 1885 Queen Victoria hosted this spectacular twenty-course royal wedding banquet that consisted of spit-roasted ortolans drizzled in a Port and Seville sauce; stuffed pheasants glazed in Madeira aspic; and cakes steeped in maraschino and coffee syrup. This banquet was for the marriage of her daughter Princess Beatrice to Prince Henry of Battenberg.

Melon & White Port Ice-cream served by Empress of Germany


Melon ice-creams flavoured with white-port concluded this lunch in 1897 hosted by the Empress of Germany. This luncheon was served at the Empress’s specially built home, the Friedrichshof Castle, for an impressive array of distinguished guests including the King and Queen of Italy along with the Kings of Saxony and Württemberg.

Delicacy of Fresh Trout served at Grand Duke's New Year's Day Banquet


A rare delicacy of Truites au Bleu, which can only be made from trout caught and cooked within minutes of being served, featured on this 1906 New Year's Day royal menu for the Grand Duke of Hesse.  Guests of the Grand Duke were also served  a dessert - which looks suspiciously like Christmas Day 'leftovers' - of plum pudding.

Royal Christmas Banquet for the King of Saxony


In 1901 the King and Queen of Saxony hosted a Christmas banquet at the Royal Palace in Dresden for members of their inner court and the diplomatic set. In additon to the traditional saddle of venision served with stewed fruits, guests were also offered a rich Ragoût of lamb sweetbreads, cockscombs and truffles bound in a creamy chicken and mushroom sauce.

Whole Stuffed Wild Boar's Heads served at Kaiser's St Hubertus Day banquet


It's Saint Hubertus Day on 3rd November 1909 - in honour of the Patron Saint of Hunters - and the Emperor of Germany serves his hunting guests a spectacular game banquet of whole stuffed wild boar's heads along with wild ducks, game soup and of course a good helping of German sauerkraut.  

Prince of Wales organises a lunch of woodcock consommé & lobster soufflés


In 1909 the newly crowned King Manuel II of Portugal visited Britian as guest of the royal family. Woodcock consommé, lobster soufflés and casseroled partridges were offered to the King at this royal luncheon hosted by the future King George V of Great Britain, at his family home - Frogmore House.

Queen of Romania treats royal guests to an elaborate dish of jellied turkeys 


In 1935 the Dowager Queen Marie of Romania still enjoys hosting small luncheons with friends, relatives, writers and artists. At this luncheon guests are treated to pike-perch poached with truffles and white wine before an elbarote dish of jellied turkeys is served.

King of Hanover serves hake, venison and stuffed lettuces at royal banquet 


In 1845 the King of Hanover arrays his banqueting hall with priceless silverware and serves an eleven course banquet of oysters, hake with anchovy sauce, and roast legs of veal and venison served with stuffed lettuces.

Banquet at the Weimar Palace with the Grand Duke of Saxony 


One of the wealthiest men in the entire german empire, the Grand Duke of Saxony (Saxe Weimar Eisenach), serves his guests platters of fresh lobsters and roast venison during a luncheon banquet in 1914.

Sturgeons baked in Champagne offered by Tsar Nicholas II at Peterhof banquet


Platters of young sturgeons baked in Champagne; flamed bowls of turtle soup; and grouse stuffed with foie-gras and truffles made for this Imperial banquet in 1913 when Tsar Nicholas II of Russia welcomed the French miliatry delegation to the Peterhof Palace, near Saint Petersburg.

Dining aboard the Royal Yacht Osborne with the Prince & Princess of Wales


In the late 1800s the Prince and Princess of Wales (future King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra) traveled extensively in their private vessel, the Royal Yacht Osborne. This original dinner party seating plan gives an insight into the company kept by the future King and Queen along with a menu offering traditional English fare of roast beef and plum pudding with jellied fruits.

Queen Alexandra hosts the Tsarina to dinner at Buckingham Palace

Very English offerings of Scotch broth, roast chickens with tongue, plum pudding and Eton Mess featured on this 1910 Buckingham Palace menu when Queen Alexandra hosted her sister, the Dowager Tsarina of Russia, to dinner. Just two days earlier the Queen had buried her husband, the late King Edward VII.

Recent Updates

King Ludwig III of Bavaria hosts banquet following his Coronation


Just ten days after his coronation King Ludwig III of Bavaria welcomed the King of Saxony to this dinner at his Royal Palace in Munich.The new King offered his royal Saxon guest this feast of lobster, pike-perch, saddle of venison, poulard and a dessert of hazelnut and vanilla pudding served with pears poached in cinnamon syrup.

Shah of Persia feasts on crayfish bisque & roast grouse as guest of King


The royal chefs may have worked tirelessly on the elaborate banquet to be served aboard Edward VII's private yacht, but nothing was going to bedazzle guests as much as the Shah of Persia who arrived wearing the largest pink diamond in the world: the 183 carat Dari-i-Noor. The King offered his imperial guest everything from crayfish bisque, roast grouse and even poached greengages for dessert.

Tsar Alexander III hosts one of his famous late night palace suppers


Thousands of roast thrushes stuffed with foie-gras were served with Houdan capons, jellied lobsters and vanilla ice-creams flavored with anise at this late night palace supper hosted in 1887 by Tsar Alexander III of Russia. Guests danced and ate beneath forrests of palm trees replanted inside the palace ballroom, as the Russian winter raged outside.

King Farouk of Egypt hosts the future Shah of Iran to a royal banquet


In 1939 the future Shah of Iran arrives in Cairo to take the hand in marriage of King Farouk’s seventeen year-old sister, Princess Fawzia. The Egyptian King greets his soon to be brother-in-law with a banquet offering traditional Arabic dishes of whole suckling lamb and pistachio baklava served alongside the finest French dishes and a dessert of chestnut mousse with crystalized violets.

1875 Royal Christmas Banquet in Calcutta for the Prince of Wales.


In 1875 when the future King Edward VII arrived in Calcutta (India) aboard the HMS Serapis, royal naval chefs were put to the test as they sourced ingredients for a traditional Victorian Christmas feast. Stuffed turkeys, legs of ham, lobster salads, pickled ox tongue and grouse pies accompanied traditional plum pudding and mince pies eased down with sherry jelly.

Her Majesty's 1894 Royal Christmas Dinner

In 1894 Queen Victoria entertained her closest relatives with this royal Christmas banquet that featured stuffed whole wild boar’s head as a gift from the Emperor of Germany and a gigantic foie-gras pie as a gift from the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

New Year's Banquet Menu for the King of Italy

Roast Peacock Served by King of Italy at New Year's Banquet in 1900


Whole roast peacocks accompanied with Pommery Champagne were the centre piece of the King of Italy's New Year's Day Banquet in 1900. Royal chefs at the Quirinale Palace in Rome were kept busy with this thirteen course banquet that also included legs of venison; elaborate foie-gras preparations; and desserts including typically Italian pistachio ice-creams.