Menu dated: 21st August 1904

Breakfast at the Royal Palace (Residenzschloss), Dresden, hosted by His Majesty King George of Saxony to celebrate his second jubilee.

This Sunday morning palace breakfast of venison, cold meats, fruit and coffee was served to King George of Saxony and his guests to help celebrate his second year on the throne in 1904.

King George inherited the throne of Saxony from his childless older brother, the late King Albert I, on 19th June 1902 and reigned for just over two years before his own death. His coronation took place two months later, in August 1902.

The breakfast menu is embossed with the King’s personal cipher comprising of the letters 'G' and 'R' representing the Latin for King George: George Rex.

The menu’s reverse contains a nine score music program (Musik-Folge) commencing with a piece especially composed for the breakfast titled Jubiläums-Festmarsch zur Erinnerung an den 21 August 1904 (Jubilee Festival March to commemorate the 21 August 1904).

From the private Royal Menu Collection of © Jake Smith

King of Saxony



Savory filled puff-pastries to accompany consommé 


Rehrücken mit Mischgemüse
Saddle of venison with Mixed Vegetables

Kaltes Fleisch
Cold Meats