"At each door stood huge [black men] dressed in costumes such as are seen in old prints depicting ballets of the time of Louis XIV, with high, many-coloured ostrich plumes on their heads.
At a given sign these ebony-faced apparitions would throw open the doors to a never-ending procession of red-and-gold-liveried servants who streamed into the room bearing enormous dishes of silver and gold, laden with peacocks, swans and pheasants served up with their gorgeous plumes; dishes so huge and heavy that one marvelled how a single man could carry such a weight.
Fish, meat, venison, vegetables, ices, creams, tropical fruit; wines, ruby red, golden, amber, topaz ; and all that was set before you was not only exquisitely served but deliciously tasty.
So as to give a last touch of luxurious perfection to this imperial banquet, ravishing music was played by the Tsar’s private orchestra." - Queen Marie of Romania


remembers attending the banquet for the Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia in 1896 

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