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Following is a partial transcript from Queen Victoria's personal journal for 23rd July 1885 on the day of the Royal Wedding of her daughter Princess Beatrice to Prince Henry of Battenberg. [Brackets] have been added by the author of this webpage:


“Darling Beatrice's wedding day. Slept soundly, but awoke early, and could hardly realise the event that was going to take place. The day splendid, a very hot sun, but a pleasant air. - Breakfasted alone with Beatrice under the trees... 


[After the wedding...]

... We went to luncheon in the tent, Liko [the family name of the Bridegroom, Prince Henry] and Beatrice walking first, and I, following with Princess Alexandra and Bertie [the Prince of Wales], with Princess Battenberg.
Liko sat on my other side. Two bands played during the luncheon, then 10 pipers of the Sutherland and Argyll Highlanders, marched twice around the table, playing splendidly together.
At dessert, I proposed the health of the Bride and Bridegroom, wishing them every possible happiness.
The band played a few bars of the Wedding March, and then Bertie proposed my health. Luncheon over, all the Royalties were photographed on the Terrace, for the picture of the wedding...”

Queen  Victoria
Osborne House
23rd July 1885

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