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From the Journal of Queen Victoria


Following is an extract from Queen Victoria's personal journal for 29th June 1894 that gives an account of the dinner she hosted for the newly engaged future Tsar and Tsarina of Russia. [Brackets] have been added by the author of this webpage.


“We assembled for dinner in the Red Drawing room and dined in the big Dining room. Nicky [future Tsar Nicholas II] led me in and I sat between him and the Archduke [Franz-Ferdinand of Austria].

... the Military band played during dinner and my private one in the Drawing room afterwards. The dinner table looked very handsome with all the plate, including the fine Jubillee gifts of the army, and was covered with roses.

The Archduke, who is tall and slight, is pleasing. He was much pleased with his visit to India and has come over specially to thank me for the civility shown him. All the Austrian gentlemen to whom I spoke were agreeable, especially Count Wurmbrand.

Nicky, who is most affectionate and attentive to me, led me out when I left the Drawing room. It was very hot.  Princess Alicky [future Tsarina] looked lovely, as always.”
Queen  Victoria

Windsor Castle

29th June 1894