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From the Journal of Queen Victoria


“Eddy’s 21st birthday. It seems quite like a dream, and but so short a while ago, that I hurried across from Osborne to Windsor, or rather Frogmore, to find that poor little bit of a thing, wrapped in cotton.

May God bless him, and may he remain good and unspoilt, as he is.

There are immense doings everywhere and great ones at Sandringham, where all the family are assembled...”

Queen  Victoria


Following is an extract from Queen Victoria's personal journal for 8th January 1885 on the day her grandson and heir-presumptive, Prince Albert Victor of Wales, celebrated his 21st birthday: his coming of age. Queen Victoria did not attend the formal celebrations at Sandringham, but watched with interest from her residence on the Isle of Wight, Osborne House.


Osborne House

8th January 1885

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