“...all this [receiving the Ambassadors after the royal wedding ceremony] took some time and we got rather late to luncheon, which was served in the large Dining room at 7 small tables.
The Bride and Bridegroom went in first, then Bertie [the Prince of Wales] with the Queen [of Denmark], and myself with the King [of Denmark]. He sat to my left, Alice near him, Georgie [the bridegroom and future King George V] to my right, May [the Bride] next to him, then Franz Teck, Victoria of Wales and Ernie of Hesse.
Bertie was at the 2nd table with the Queen [of Denmark], Vicky, Mary Teck etc. It was very prettily arranged. I gave two toasts, the Bride and Bridegroom, and the King and Queen of Denmark, the King giving out my health.
When luncheon was over, which was not till shortly before 4, we all went into the Blue Room, whilst the Bride and Bridegroom, Bertie and Alice, and the Bridesmaids went to be photographed...”

Queen  Victoria


Following is a partial transcript from Queen Victoria's personal journal for 6th July 1893 on the day of the Royal Wedding for the future King George V and Queen Mary. [Brackets] have been added by the author of this webpage:
Buckingham Palace
6th July 1893

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